Living What We Believe

Reaching our world for Christ to compel men and women to come to Christ through teaching the Word of God
and the Will of God; so that those who learn and practice will live an abundant life.



    Times of Worship

  • Sunday School is every Sunday at 10:00 a.m.
  • Morning worship is every Sunday at 11:00 a.m.
  • E.B. McCants Federation of Choirs fellowships the 4th Sunday of every month @ 3:00 p.m. (Rotating schedule)
  • Bible Study is every Monday at 7:00 p.m.
  • Prayer Service is every Wednesday @ 7:00 p.m. in the sanctuary
  • Men's ministry is every Thursday @ 6:00 p.m.
  • Missions (1 2)  Ministry meets  1st 3rd Mondays @ 6:00 p.m.
  • Mission Church Service is held at New Horizon Rehabilitation Center on the second Sunday @ 2:00 p.m.


The Reverend Doctor Jerone A. Gamble is an innovative pastor and administrator; a graduate of Bethune Cookman University(Bachelor of Science in Biology); Yale (Master of Public Health in Hospital Administration), and the United Theological Seminary( Doctor of Divinity); his education and professional skills are a tremendous assest to Central Florida Community College, the Second Bethlehem Baptist Association, and the Florida General Baptist Convention. His expertise includes strategic planning, project and budget managment and team building. Armed with excellent organizational, development and collaboration skills,  it is no wonder that he was chosen to pastor a church with such a rich history after only one year of serving as its interim pastor. Dr. Gamble's vision today is for tomorrow's church as evident from his sermons, teachings and the church's worship style.

Mt. Canaan is a 112 year old spirit filled, spirit led, dynamic and ever evolving congregation whose leadership reflects the same. The focus is teaching the Word of God and living by Christian biblical principles; the church and its ministries embrace education, support home and foreign mission, encourage evangelism and models discipleship. The blessing of his pastorship is two fold; to teach and to demonstrate that Christian living is a lifestyle, not a pasttime.

Ministries and Committees

Deacon - devoted to supporting the office of the pastor; takes the principle role in the financial matters of the church including overseeing church finances, and administering the benevolent gifts of the church to widows, orphans and the poor

Deaconess - assists thedeacons and the pastor in promoting the spiritual welfare of the church; assists with the administration of the ordinances, facilitates the arrangment for pastor's appreciation events

Teaching - includes, but is not limited to, Sunday school where there shall be a variety of age appropriate classes for the congregation to select and attend; bible study where there shall be one or two bible study sessions that meet on a weekly basis and Vacation Bible School where there shall be an organized dynamic program annually

Missionary - an extension of the teaching ministry, is the principle service ministry of the church. In addition to teaching the Word of God, this ministry focuses on teaching the values of service to mankind. It takes the lead role in connecting the church to service groups and organizations within the community, doing good works assisted and supported by the congregation and the church. All members are participants in this ministry

Worship - allows the congregation to partake in the worship portion of the service by engaging in song and other musical renditions; this ministry includes all worship leaders

Music - the singing ministry of the church, this ministry is primarily devoted to leading songs and praise portions of the services. This ministry serves beyond the walls of the church carrying the name of Jesus, through song, to the local community. The outreach extends to nursing homes, federations at other churches and other venues approved by the pastor

Young People's Department - devoted to the Christian and spiritual nurturing, education an development of the children and youth of the church, this ministry works closely with the pastor, and the parents of the church, focusing on the establishment and building up of on-going programs and activities to engage the children and youth in spirit-filled activities and events designed to teach Christian values, Kingdom principles, and Godly living in their daily lives

Usher - a Helps ministry, its primary purpose is to demonstrate the Christian hospitality of the church. The ushers serve in all worship services, events and such other services in which the pastor and congregation are convened.

Repast - a Helps ministry; this ministry is responsible for organizing and coordinating all church sponsored events that include the eating or serving of food, with the exception of Family nights; to include, but is not limited to, setting up the kitchen, maintenance, service and clean up of the fellowship hal


Sick Benevolence - responsible for knowing the status of the sick and home bound; calls attention to the pastor and deacons the needs of the sick and needy, and offers suggestions as to how these needs may be met

Library - oversees the operation of the church's library; reviews and catalogues all books and materials; establishes and maintains procedures for inventory and upkeep of materials

Building and Grounds - assists the deacons with the maintenance and upkeep of property and building; grounds beautification

Special Events - coordinates all events outside of regularly scheduled church services and activities; coordinates and facilitates such events

Christian Growth and Development - works in conjunction with the office of the pastor to establish and maintain a plan of Christian education for the congregation; periodically develops learning themes and curriculum within teaching ministries

Prayer Service - plans the weekly prayer service; goal is to increase participation by creating a dynamic, spirit-filled prayer service; meets regularly to review the organization of the prayer service and make recommendations (to the pastor) for enhancements and/or improvements

Baptism - responsible for coordinating all baptisms; provides candidates with information regarding the ceremony explaining what the church provides and what they are to bring in order to participate; oversees the operation and maintenance of the pool

Hospitality - makes special arrangements for special guests, (individual or groups) by taking care of the amenities and/or gifts for such occasions (i.e. weddings, births, funerals, graduations and other approved celebrations); other duties may be assigned per the pastor

New Member - responsible for orienting new members to the ministries and operation of the church; ensures that new members receive a church directory, the Articles of Faith, schedule of services and other related items  

 Church History

The Mount Canaan Missionary Baptist Church was established in1897 under the leadership and pastorate of Reverend Jake McCormick. Mother Nettie Campbell was the last member of the original church to serve in this congregation. From 1897 to 1912, following the establishement of the church, the Reverend E.S. Sharpenson and the Reverend R.S. English both served as pastors of Mt. Canaan. Timeline of Service: 1912 - 1939 The Reverend E.B. McCants 1939 - 1956 The Reverend Rudolf Samuels 1956 - 1993 The Reverend James Blunt (Before retiring, Rev. Blund was named Pastor Emeritus in recognition for his many years of service and three sucessful building programs during his administration) 1993 - present The Reverend Doctor Jerone Alvin Gamble, was served as acting pastor in 1993; in December of 1994 he was formally installed as pastor and faithfully serves today. The original frame church constructed on the Baseline road site was destroyed by fire in the early 1900's. A second frame building was constructed and and severely damaged by a storm in 1928; that building was repaired and stood until it was raised. The third building was destroyed by a tornado on the night of December 23, 1986. The following year on December 23, 1987, ground was broken for the construction of a new edifice. The new church was dedicated on January 15, 1989; this re-building project had the support of the Greater Ocala Community; numerous people and organizations came to our aid. Two great friends during our rebuilding efforts that shall go down in the annals of this church for their solid efforts and generous support are Bro. Lorin Bryant and then Representative George Albright. Officiating at the dedication ceremony were the Reverend James Blunt, Pastor and the Reverend Doctor O.V. Pinkston, who at the time, was pastor of Covenant Missionary Baptist Church and Moderator of the Second Bethelem Baptist Association.


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